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Digital Journalist (Oct. 2018-Present)

In his role with News 19, Bobby is a multi-skilled digital journalist. He searches for unique stories that he turns for web-exclusive content but produces a tease for use on-air. Bobby is also one of the station's digital producers, responsible for writing local content and hunting down wire stories for, clipping and writing morning hits from reporters, as well as other fun or noteworthy videos from the newscasts. Bobby also posts breaking news as necessary and handles assignment desk duties at the same time (listening to police scanners, making calls to public officials if necessary, and dispatching a crew if the situation requires). On a typical weekend morning shift, Bobby is the one who hears the scanner call, sends the crew, and writes something for based on what the crew on scene reports back to him, as well as writing web content for the other Nexstar stations across Alabama nearly every weekend. Occasionally, Bobby's content is syndicated across all 120 Nexstar websites as well. Bobby is also one of News 19's FAA-licensed drone pilots, and he's flown for stories such as a paramotorist setting a world record, storm damage, a local family putting up Christmas lights, and much more.

Wood River Public Library

Circulation Clerk (Aug. 2018-Oct. 2018)

As a circulation clerk, Bobby was responsible for assisting library patrons with checking items out of the library, basic IT assistance with printers and computers, and requesting items from other libraries. Bobby was expected to maintain a professional demeanor at all times and interact with all customers in a positive, friendly manner.

First Christian Church of Wood River, IL

Volunteer Video Production Assistant (Jun. 2018-Mar. 2020)

In his volunteer role with FCCWR, Bobby assisted the worship minister with editing the weekly announcement video that starts off each service. Bobby used Final Cut Pro X to edit down the raw video, as well as create 2D and 3D text elements as required. Through the entire process, Bobby coordinated with the worship minister and made suggestions where he felt the video may need some improvements.


News Intern (Jun. 2017-Aug. 2017)

At his summer internship with NBC affiliate KSDK-TV in St. Louis, Bobby worked with producers and directors to learn the behind-the-scenes items. Bobby also wrote stories for, working with web editors and following AP style on all stories. Multiple times throughout his internship, Bobby also traveled into the field with KSDK's reporters, learning how to write scripts for air and how to shoot, edit using Edius, and produce segments for air. Bobby also ran the teleprompter for two days during the 4 pm, 5 pm, and 6 pm newscasts, as well as provide scripts and rundowns to the anchors. Most importantly, Bobby worked with the KSDK staff and their weather graphics system, WSI Max, to better his on-air presentation and produce weather segments for his resume reel.


Meteorologist (Feb. 2015-May 2018)

As a meteorologist for the campus TV station, Bobby was responsible for producing weekly forecasts for the Saint Louis University campus. In addition to weekly forecasts, Bobby also updated the SLU-TV social media pages during severe weather events and posted updated weather graphics throughout the week as conditions change.

Chief Meteorologist (Aug. 2015-Dec. 2015, Sept. 2017-May 2018)

Bobby briefly served as interim chief meteorologist between August and December 2015. As chief, Bobby was responsible for training two meteorologists on how to use the equipment, how to prepare graphics, and how to film in the studio. Near the end of his term, Bobby also proposed significant changes to the station weather department, with plans to modernize the on-air look of the station's weather segments. Bobby became chief meteorologist once again in September 2017 and inherited a weather department without a green screen. However, Bobby coordinated with the university and the SLU-TV president to find solutions to the problem.

Reporter (Aug. 2014-May 2018)

As a reporter, Bobby was responsible for presenting story ideas to the executive board and SLU-TV team. Once approved, Bobby coordinated with his field team to find a time to film the story. In the field, Bobby discussed shot locations, how much footage to shoot, and all the details with his team, ensuring the entire team was satisfied with the story. In addition to these responsibilities, Bobby also took responsibility for editing and uploading his stories to the SLU-TV YouTube channel and social media pages.

Treasurer (Feb. 2017-May 2018)

As SLU-TV Treasurer, Bobby was responsible for ensuring that the station spends the funds allocated by the Student Government Association and stayed within budget. Bobby also served as the liaison between the station and the Student Involvement Center in all monetary matters, as well as ensuring any equipment the station ordered was delivered in a timely manner.

Technical Director (Feb. 2017-May 2018)

As SLU-TV Technical Director, Bobby oversaw all technical aspects of station production, ensuring that all production hardware and software is up to date. As part of this role, Bobby modernized the station's production software, transitioning from Final Cut Pro 7 to Adobe Premiere Pro. Once transitioned, part of Bobby's job as Technical Director was to train members on this new software, which was done the moment the new software came online.

The University News

Sports Writer (Sep. 2016-May 2017)

As Sports Writer for The University News, Bobby covered sporting events all across the Saint Louis University campus, writing stories for the campus newspaper on a weekly basis throughout the school year. As part of this role, Bobby interviewed coaches, players, and others in Billiken Athletics. In November 2016, Bobby landed a high profile, exclusive interview with then-first year head coach Travis Ford as part of the basketball preview. The preview is a special edition of the paper circulated before the first home basketball game.

Sports Editor (May 2017-May 2018)

In addition to his duties as a sports writer, Bobby served as Sports Editor. Besides continuing to cover sports across campus, Bobby worked closely with the Associate Sports Editor to plan the sports section in each edition of the paper and ensure the paper's staff writers were working necessary stories. As Sports Editor, Bobby also served on the Editorial Board and helped plan the editorials in each edition of the paper. Bobby ensured that any editorials were as fair as possible to all sides of issues.