Bobby Stilwell headshot

Bobby's passion for news and weather is long and proud.

From a young age, Bobby always had an interest in news and weather. That interest was piqued during the derechos of July 19 and 21, 2006. His hometown of Bethalto, IL lost power for nearly a week, and this remains the only time that Bethalto has taken a direct hit in recent memory.

While 2006 may have piqued Bobby's interest, his career was not decided until 2011, when St. Louis-Lambert International Airport took a direct hit from the Good Friday Tornado, later rated an EF4 at its peak, and the city of Joplin was struck by the now-infamous EF5. At that point, he decided to study meteorology to help prevent the massive loss of life that Joplin suffered, as well as reinforce the positive reaction by St. Louis during the Good Friday Tornado.

During Bobby's time at Saint Louis University, he served in multiple executive roles with the campus television station, SLU-TV. By the time he graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Meteorology (also minoring in communication), he served as treasurer and technical director, as well as chief meteorologist. In addition to SLU-TV, Bobby also served as the Sports Editor for the campus newspaper, The University News.

With his first job at WHNT-TV, the CBS affiliate in Huntsville, Alabama, Bobby is applying his skills even further, working as a Digital Journalist, blending digital journalism and traditional broadcast media. In a first-of-its-kind, hybrid role, Bobby writes content for WHNT.com, such as press releases, events across the area, but goes one step further - he also shoots web-exclusive interviews, spotlighting unique organizations and events across the Tennessee Valley, giving more in-depth coverage to nonprofits or STEM-related stories, or simply helping viewers get to know the station's staff better.

In addition, as a weekend morning web producer, Bobby not only creates content for WHNT.com, but also for Nexstar station websites across Alabama (including the cities of Auburn, Birmingham, Dothan, and Mobile) nearly every weekend.


Occasionally, Bobby also writes content syndicated across all 120 Nexstar websites nationwide.

At News 19, the web team also mans the assignment desk, so Bobby has picked up assignment desk duties as well, learning how to pick through scanner traffic and dispatch crews as needed, handle viewer calls about nearly everything under the sun, and ensuring any items of note are added to the day planner.

To Bobby, it's all about bringing the public the factual news they need to know, when they need to know it.